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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All on plan

it's time for an update on the progress we are making...
all the old stuff has been removed from the apartment, new wiring is in, and we have decided on the colour of the floor and (almost) on the tiles in the bathroom. the new kitchen was ordered two weeks ago, and is waiting for a confirmed delivery date.
so, it's really going smooth so far and our plan to be ready to rock and roll by end of may is still on. next steps are the delivery of the new windows and doors, the new bathroom and then to finish off floor and walls.

also, another important piece of work is underway - our website. domains are secured, and the design is progressing. it turned out to be an even harder piece of work than expected, but we now have a very good idea about the general layout and our logo. also in this case, we expect to be live before end of may (yes, this may, 2010).