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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Debutant Girl of the Vienna Opera Ball 2011

This comes up as a big surprise:

Every year, L'oreal chooses one "Debutant"-girl to be the face of the Ball.

May I proudly present the this year's beauty:

Gloria, the daugther of our good old friends and neighbours!
Wow, we are so proud!!!!! Gloria, you look absolutely gorgeous and stunning!

And Gloria is not only a beauty, but an impressive, smart girl with wit, charme and character!
View a video to get a glimpse of the Opera Ball
Yesterday's press conference

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The first stork is here

Did you know that storks love Austria?
Normally they leave during winter to the warmer places of earth
and as soon as spring is in the air
the spread their wings
and return to the beauty of Austria's nature

This year I encountered the first stork last weekend!
In the beginning of February!
So, definitely it's time to book your flight too
and visit Vienna!

You'll find the storks in the dreamy village of Rust,
a gathering of houses on the beaches
of the Neusiedlersee

This lake is a phenomenon,
 the second largest steppe lake in Central Europe
has no natural feeder river -
the water level is totaly dependent
on rainfall and hydration

the depth of only approx up to 1.50m
makes it interesting for swimming due it's warm temperatures
surfers enjoy as well as boaters
but beware during storms!

Storks love the place
and as soon as summer is here
you can sit and watch birdlife like nowhere else around!

Only 50 mins from bluedanubeapartments -
rent a car and head for it -
you'll indulge in the pure nature
with the local produce in the idyllic restaurants and taverns
all around
and just don't miss the sunset!