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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post Nr 100 - let's celebrate!

This is our 100th post!

It is quite a challenge to report daily about our home town!
Although we try hard, it's not as easy as it was when living abroad, where every little sign felt fit for a report.
But we try our very best to prepare you for your stay in Vienna or to keep you updated only.

We are in search for all kind of topics, may it be funny happenings, events, traditions and weird signs ..... sometimes it takes longer, as still there is a main job we are running after and our blogging is just a spare time challenge!

Please have patience!

Finally we've decided to make ourselves a little present and opted for climate change in Vienna!

Our apartment Prater is equipped with a wonderful Air Condition since yesterday - kind of indulgence in Vienna, but definitely a very welcomed comfort for our guests!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Griessnockerln or Frittaten

Did you understand our title?

Again this post is about food!
Meanwhile you will have learned that Vienna is all about food!

This time you can opt between two "Einlagen" for a traditional "Rindsuppe". Ok then, Einlage means the filling of a soup, something to put into the clear broth.
Rindsuppe otherwise means the clear broth, gained by cooking beef with vegetables for ages!
Take a look at my Tafelspitz post and you'll learn more.

Back to the fillings:
Griessnockerln are small dumplings (Nockerl) made of semolina (Griess), eggs and butter. Interestingly there are nations, who absolutely deny semolina in their kitchen. Like the UK, I have learned that british people love that much foreign food, but in gerneral hate semolina.
But trust me, it's absolutely delicious and a must, if eating out in Vienna!

Frittaten are loved by everyone as I gather, as they are simple pancakes with a dash of salt, sliced very finely and put into a tasty soup. Simples!

The funny word Frittate seems to derive from the italian frittata, which means something like an omelette. So we have several words for the english pancake: crepe, palcinta, Pfannkuchen.

But with Frittaten you'll always understand sliced pancakes in soup, if you order Palatschinken you'll get mouthwatering sweet pancakes filled with jam or Nutella. The choice is yours!

Yummy! Enjoy these most loved and most common soup appetizers of the Viennese kitchen!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Donauinselfest - the biggest open-air festival of Europe

June 24th - 26th - Friday to Sunday
3 days nonstop music, action, fun'n'food'n'drink
A-Must-See-Event when in Vienna

up to 3 million visitors (estimated)
10 stages
4,5km partyzone
2000 musicians
600 hrs programm in 3 days
5 police-stations
40 caravans
150 tents
5 meeting points
7.500 m barrier tape
50 km cables
290 mobile toilets

Here you'll find you personal 3days-program.
Whether is a sports activity, a creative or fun activity, whether for children, teens, students, grown-ups or oldies, a music event or a comedian, a pop, rock, country or folk(sy) music - give it a go and search your fav spot!

Our recommendations for the 28th Danube Island Music Festival:

- take a picnic rug with you
- wander around and stop wherever you feel good
- carry some water with you, as you may expect long queues in front of the
  food stalls
- don't forget the suncream, when visiting during the day
- don't use your bicycle late afternoon and night as the crowd won't allow
  moving anymore
- leave your dog at home unless it loves crowds and can tolerate rotten food
  from the ground
- use public transport only - U1 Stop Donauinsel
- have your mobile with you, switched on and be alert, in case you get lost
  from your friends or family
- don't carry any valuables with you - the party is very safe, but still: it's a
  huge crowd!!!!
- don't carry any alcohol with you - it's strictly forbidden! 

Here is the line-up for the 3-days!


3.30pm THE LEGENDARY DALTONS: Country & Western - Insel (16)

6.15pm JAMES COTTRIALL: Fest - Insel (6)

8.25pm SIDO: Fest - Insel (6)

8.45pm Vanilla Sky: Rock - Insel (11)

11.00pm Söhne Mannheims: Fest - Insel (6)

4.00pm CRIPPLE CREEK BAND: Country & Western - Insel (16)

6.00pm Umberto Tozzi: Fest - Insel (6)

7.30pm Nits: Fest - Insel (6)

8.45pm Peter Cornelius & Band: Fest - Insel (6)

9.10pm Die Paldauer: Schlager & Volksmusik - Insel (10)

10pm Europe: Fest - Insel (6)


8.40pm MILOW: Fest - Insel (6)

9.00pm PULS 4 - Insel (12)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vienna is hot!

Sorry for not posting these first June days!

But Vienna is that hot at the moment.

We do have our first summer period! 30 Celcius almost all day, blue sky, scorching heat ...
constant need for water, a pool, a river, wind, air condition, al-frescos, whatever!

Our suggestions:

Try the Badeschiff in the very centre on Vienna

or a sailing trip on the old Danube (U1 Station Alte Donau)

or Vienna's best icecream for
€ 2,50 only
at Zanoni & Zanoni at Lugeck
on your way from Schwedenplatz to Stephansplatz

But prepare - slowly thundersorms will kick in - also not uncommon at that time of the year!