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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fu Hu, our little Panda, in Schoenbrunn Zoo

The Fu Hu Diary is worth looking at, but even more his clumsy and giggly moves in his home at Schoenbrunn Zoo.

Did you know, that this is the oldest zoo of the world?

1569 the former Katterburg was bought by emperor Maximillian II including a vast hunting area.
73 years later, well let's say one generation later, Schoenbrunn was born on these grounds.
And again one generation later, 1752, a big celebration takes place in the menagerie of Schoenbrunn Palace.
The 31st of July 1752 is the birthday of the Schoenbrunn Zoo.
It's a must, when visiting Vienna and as the sun's out again, you`'ll definitely enjoy a stroll around this history filled park.

Enjoy, relax and just feel happy watching this wonderful animal kingdom!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vienna Prater – 2011 opening

Another season for Vienna Prater has started this week. The hibernation period is over, new attractions have been added and existing ones modernized. As usual, the entry is free and most attractions are open from 10 am until after midnight.
It might be a bit too cool these days, but it is good to know that the probably nicest beergarden in Vienna is open again as well after a thorough makeover. The traditional Schweizerhaus is a must for everyone who likes great beer and rich food. And now it is even easier to get there – the Schweizerhaus got its own railway station. Well, not on the Vienna underground network, but on the lovely narrow-gauge track of the Liliputbahn. For those who travel green, the Vienna Prater is offering a new charging point for electric cars and bikes.
And don’t forget, Madame Tussauds is opening soon – April 1st is the date of wax! 65 wax figures will be awaiting you, the entry fee is reasonable - EUR 18.50 for adults and EUR 14.50 for children.
Let’s go there and have fun!

Directions for visitors staying at bluedanube apartments: it’s right on your doorstep, a 5 minutes walk will do.

More information can be found on these websites: Vienna Prater and Madame Tussauds Vienna
and if you are looking for any detail planning, watch out for this:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vienna City Marathon 2011, April 17

This year Vienna will host the City Marathon for the 28th time. And again, it will become another special marathon. The concept of ‘Marathon Sound of Vienna’ will be responsible for providing the right sound for runners and visitors along 12 kilometres of the course. You will be hearing anything from Mozart and Strauss to modern Pop and Rock.

The World Champion and Olympic Champion Haile Gebrselassie will be there as well to run the half-marathon distance.

Now, with less than five weeks to go, preparation is coming to its peak. This past Sunday, around 900 runners took the chance for another rehearsal. At pleasant 16°C, sun and little wind, the Vienna Prater was the perfect surrounding for the last run of the winter run series. The motivation for the coming training weeks up to the Vienna City Marathon kept an extra thrust, with run desire and spring feelings included.

More info on the Vienna City Marathon can be found here

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fasching is Karneval is Fastnacht is Carneval ... the finale!

Ok, now whatever wording you wanna take, it all means the same.
But FASCHING is the Viennese correct term. 

The word Fasching dated back to the 13th century when the words vaschanc and vaschang were used in German language. It seems to derive from „Fastenschank“, meaning the last (alcoholic) serving before the start of lent.

So here we are: tradition has it that today you may have seen some nice "Faschingsumz├╝ge" (carneval processions) alongside the streets. You may also have noticed that in some shops people were costumed, eating "Faschingskrapfen" (see previous post) and drinking bubbly wine!

And whenever you are in Germany during that time, you'll notice that the Krauts are able to celebrate even more jolly and wild this last day of Karneval!

And when in the German centre of Carneval, in Mainz, people say "Helau" as the traditional greeting, in southern Austria, in Carinthia, you'll hear a "Lei, Lei" tonight!

Having said this:

Lei, lei and good bye!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The taste of Austria

When you think of Britain and taste, what is your first idea?
Fish'n'chips maybe?
Which drinks do you associate with a country?
Which sweets do you recall, when thinking about a specific destination?

Well, all those questions come into mind, when travelling around and being open to local traditions.

So, what about Austria and Vienna or Salzburg?

Here are my top 5 typical food experiences, which you should not miss out:

1. Manner Schnitten

since ages a constant sweet companion for all ages and all situations

2. Wiener Schnitzel

the most famous austrian main dish and definitely best eaten in Vienna - a Must

3. Sachertorte 
No birthday party, no coffehouse, no housewife without this cake - but trust me, the best one is the home made one! (send me an email, if you want to buy one from me!!)

4. Salzburger Mozartkugel 

A delicacy often copied, but only this original is the abolutely best! A unique taste, that melts in your mouth!
Buy it in the supermarket and not in the tourist shops, you save looooots!

5. G'spritzter

The traditional drink for all occasions, best drunken at a Heurigen, a bit outside of Vienna.
A good big dash of white wine with some soda comes as a refreshing surprise especially in summer!

Don't leave Austria without having tasted these flavours - you'll definitely will miss something!