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Monday, March 7, 2011

The taste of Austria

When you think of Britain and taste, what is your first idea?
Fish'n'chips maybe?
Which drinks do you associate with a country?
Which sweets do you recall, when thinking about a specific destination?

Well, all those questions come into mind, when travelling around and being open to local traditions.

So, what about Austria and Vienna or Salzburg?

Here are my top 5 typical food experiences, which you should not miss out:

1. Manner Schnitten

since ages a constant sweet companion for all ages and all situations

2. Wiener Schnitzel

the most famous austrian main dish and definitely best eaten in Vienna - a Must

3. Sachertorte 
No birthday party, no coffehouse, no housewife without this cake - but trust me, the best one is the home made one! (send me an email, if you want to buy one from me!!)

4. Salzburger Mozartkugel 

A delicacy often copied, but only this original is the abolutely best! A unique taste, that melts in your mouth!
Buy it in the supermarket and not in the tourist shops, you save looooots!

5. G'spritzter

The traditional drink for all occasions, best drunken at a Heurigen, a bit outside of Vienna.
A good big dash of white wine with some soda comes as a refreshing surprise especially in summer!

Don't leave Austria without having tasted these flavours - you'll definitely will miss something!

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