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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Concert in Vienna

Only some more hours to go .... until the New Year is here!
Our apartment is sold out and we hope that our guests will have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a relaxing and joyful New Year's Day!

There is one more information about Vienna and New Year you shouldn't leave out ....

We have the most extraordinary and unique New Year's Concert, taking place every year here in Vienna. The "Wiener Philharmoniker" is definitely the best orchestra for waltz music in the world!
Place: the best venue for classic concerts again in the world: The "Wiener Musikvereinssaal"
Date: 1st January 11am

Since 1941 this concert takes place every year and is broadcasted in 70 countries of the world.
Traditionally the concert is directed by different conductors, here is a list of some of them:

Herbert von Karajan (1987)  - Claudio Abbado (1988 und 1991)
Carlos Kleiber (1989 und 1992) - Zubin Mehta (1990, 1995, 1998, 2007)
Riccardo Muti (1993, 1997, 2000, und 2004) - Lorin Maazel (1994, 1996, 1999 und 2005)
Seiji Ozawa (2002) -Nikolaus Harnoncourt (2001, 2003)
Mariss Jansons (2006)-  Georges Prêtre (2008, 2010)

This year it will be Franz Welser-Möst

Ahhh, by the way, only until recently this orchestra was a boy group, but now they have girls there too ... well, some things take longer in this world ...

Why not taking part? Well, the problem is, that this is the maybe best sold out event in the world. Tickets can only purchased by a raffle - so it's definitely luck.
Or you have high diplomatic connections or relations ..... than you might be lucky again and receive tickets.

But if you wanna try, here are the links for the raffle ..... we too will try, so maybe we will be able to offer next year a stay in our apartment in combination with the entry to this unique concert.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vienna's Silvester (New Year's Eve) Traditions

Ok, then, maybe you'll know already where to spend that last evening of the year BUT do you also know how and what to do? Apart from drinking?

The fact is: people in Vienna like it loud and traditional and with lots of beer and wine!
But here is the chronological way of the traditions/custom - no party will do without these!

Pummerin - Chime of St. Stephens Cathedral
The first "thing" you will hear in the city centre, on radio and on tv are the chimes of the huge bell of St. Stephens Cathedral. Did you know, that the bell is made out of cannonballs?

Walzer - Waltz:
In Vienna you waltz into the new year and of course it is the one and only waltz: the Donauwalzer - The Bluedanube Waltz. Everywhere in Vienna and Austria you will hear the sounds of this hymn - starting immediately after the chimes of the Pummerin

Feuerwerk - Firework
spot on and simultaneous to the Pummerin and the waltz (sounds a bit stressful!) the firework will start all over Vienna, unfortunately with the so much forbidden firecrackers

Glücksbringer - Lucky charms

you can buy those small little things starting from about tomorrow on every corner of the streets. A pigs, fish, chimney sweeper, shamrock, coin - they are all symbols of luck. You'll give them to your friends in the first minutes of the new year. They will put those lucky charms in their purse or wallet and carry it around all year round

Fischbiskotten - sponge fingers in fishy form
You eat them, well actually you bite them at midnight - BUT you have to bite from the tail's side! It will bring good luck to you


Bleigießen - melting lead:
This is the absolute Top of the traditions and an Must-do on any kind of party.
You melt little lead figures in a spoon on New Year's Eve to see what the year ahead will bring...a form of fortune-telling. The spoon full of liquid lead is then poured into cold water. Your future is then read from the shapes formed in the wate. This is done in the early hours of the new year

Here you go, so hurry up and buy the necessary stuff for your party!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Silvester Viewpoints Vienna

Ok, then, want to have some inside information where to hav a great view on 31st December 11.59pm?

1. Kahlenberg:
a small hill outside Vienna, overlooking the town.
Take Bus 38A, leaving from Heiligenstadt U-Bahn Station. The 25min ride takes you through the posh part of Vienna up to Kahlenberg.
Enjoy up there the midnight fireworks over Vienna. Wrap up warm and take some bottles of champagne with you!
There is also a restaurant up there:

2. Riesenrad:
Take a ride on Vienna's famous landmark "The Riesenrad" - "The ferris wheel" and enjoy the unique panorama! Nearby is a New Year's Party too!
When staying in bluedanube apartments  just cross the road! It offers you the unique opportunity to party just a second awany! Otherwise take the U-Bahn to Praterstern and cross over to the Riesenrad.
To book in advance for the Riesenrad:

3. Am Himmel (translation: On Heaven)
the third option takes you out again to the chilly air above the roofs of Vienna.
Again take the Bus 38A (see above) and take the stop Cobenzl-Parkplatz after a 17min ride.
There is the Oktogon and the green around it. Party either inside with a gala buffett (hurry up - booking in advance necessary: ) or outside on the green with Gulaschsoup, Gluehwein and open fire - entry free.
In any case wrap up warm again, be happy and watch the stunning fireworks all over town!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year Trail in Vienna

Now, that one party is over, Christmas, we can prepare for the next big thing!
New Year's Eve! "Silvester" as the locals say!

If you spend that night in Vienna you should take a walk into the city centre, as this is one  huge stage.
Thousands of visitors are attracted every year to the trail with entertainment and food starting already around 2pm.

If you're keen on dancing, you can brush up your dancing skills guided by an expert, who will ensure, that you are able to waltz into the new Year.

A whole bunch of stages offer music of different styles and performances all over the city centre. Everywhere food stalls with traditional Viennese and international delicacies.

Until midnight everyone lingers around, drinking, dancing and singing ..... waiting only for the countdown to go. And then: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ..... New Year is here! The chimes of the Pummerin, the old bell in St. Stephens Cathedral, will sound, surrounded by fireworks all over the town.

The party goes on on the street until 2am and then lots of bars are still open to party until early morning.

If you want to continue with the tradition, somehow you must stay fit, as at 11am the New Year's Concert on New Year's day is an absolute must .... we'll report on that tomorrow!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all our visitors

The party's over!
The food was delicious!
The wine is drunken!
The presents great!
Let's call it a day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

One last night before "The Christkind" is here

Guys, the countdown is on .....

The nervosity of the children is unbeatable, the hectic athmosphere of stressed parents is quite contagious and the despair of last-minute-shoppers adds some special flavour to this so typical said-to-be time of calmness.
It's christmas ... and somehow, this job's always completed last minute. 

The evening of the 24th of December is the heyday of Christmas here in Austria. All generations get together and it's a big family event. A dinner is beeing served, after mothers prepare the whole day. Traditionally you will find fish or goose on the menu. Some opt for cold delicacies like salmon. In any case children can't wait, that the "Christkind" comes, looking like a  fairy. They perk up their ear's not to overhear the sound of a tinkerbell. As soon as they hear it, they are aloud to enter the sitting room, where they will find the big surprise: a wonderfully decorated christmas tree with lots of presents beneath. The long wait is over .....

And if you're here in Vienna over Christmas and want to go out for dinner on the 24th then we advise to check for open restaurants in advance.  More and more of good ones stay open and breack with the old tradition of family celebration. This link should help you:

Now, this is the moment, where we wish you a wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate christmas in the traditional way or  not. In any case it's a time for a chill out and a time to review the previous year.

Enjoy the days with family or friends, explore new cultures, visit beautiful places, whether with snow or dunes, wether chilly or hot ......

Merry Christmas!

Linda & Paul
bluedanube apartments vienna

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vienna at it's Best - 4 days before Christmas

It's so wonderful to be in Vienna right now!
The smell of Punsch and Gluehwein in front of Schoenbrunn Palace, crisp air, christmas music wherever you go, a huffle and shuffle and loads of delicious food.

Wherever you go you'll find stunning lights, like here in Rotenturmstrasse, "Redtowerstreet"
or when you walk from St. Stephens Cathedral towards the Graben.
And as a small christmas present: here's a very special sightseeing recommendation:
visit the Strudelhofstiege. With snow and in the evening it's so romantic, you don't wanna leave!
It's maybe the most famous Art Nouveau building of Vienna. Don't miss it out these days!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Krampus makes his way through town

If you're just on your way through Vienna or the outskirts, beware!
The Krampus is around and looks for bad boys and girls!

Krampus is a mythical creature. In Austria tradition has it, that Krampus accompanies St. Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children.

Small children are indeed terrified by this creature - what a way to educate them!

In some areas Krampus comes in a group, means they are then called Perchten, as they are so ugly.
You will hear them from far away already with the noise of rusty chains and bells.

The word Krampus originates from the Old High German word for claw (Krampen).

But tomorrow the spook is over and we all wait for the next tradition: the visit of St. Nicolaus!
Be informed and log on again!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Arts and Crafts at Vienna Christmas Markets - Am Hof

This fine arts and crafts market is located in the most traditional market area of Vienna. As early as in the 13th century markets were held here, what to day is ‘Am Hof’. In the 16th century this huge yard was home to the Thomasmarket. Nowadays, since 2003, this Chrismas market is run by an initiative to support local arts and craftsmen, and that’s why the focus is on traditionally crafted, high quality products. It is a unique opportunity for the producers, to present their work to a wider audience. Although the market is located in the very centre of Vienna, the visitor can expect a familiar atmosphere with harp music and fine home made mulled wines and punch.
Directions for visitors staying at bluedanube apartments: U1 to Stephansplatz, and from there it is a 10 minutes walk. 

Kunsthandwerksmarkt Am Hof
November 12th to December 23rd, open daily from 10am to 8pm

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The first Fensterl is opened

As promised:
here is my way of Advent Calender!