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Thursday, December 23, 2010

One last night before "The Christkind" is here

Guys, the countdown is on .....

The nervosity of the children is unbeatable, the hectic athmosphere of stressed parents is quite contagious and the despair of last-minute-shoppers adds some special flavour to this so typical said-to-be time of calmness.
It's christmas ... and somehow, this job's always completed last minute. 

The evening of the 24th of December is the heyday of Christmas here in Austria. All generations get together and it's a big family event. A dinner is beeing served, after mothers prepare the whole day. Traditionally you will find fish or goose on the menu. Some opt for cold delicacies like salmon. In any case children can't wait, that the "Christkind" comes, looking like a  fairy. They perk up their ear's not to overhear the sound of a tinkerbell. As soon as they hear it, they are aloud to enter the sitting room, where they will find the big surprise: a wonderfully decorated christmas tree with lots of presents beneath. The long wait is over .....

And if you're here in Vienna over Christmas and want to go out for dinner on the 24th then we advise to check for open restaurants in advance.  More and more of good ones stay open and breack with the old tradition of family celebration. This link should help you:

Now, this is the moment, where we wish you a wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate christmas in the traditional way or  not. In any case it's a time for a chill out and a time to review the previous year.

Enjoy the days with family or friends, explore new cultures, visit beautiful places, whether with snow or dunes, wether chilly or hot ......

Merry Christmas!

Linda & Paul
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