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Monday, May 3, 2010

Open Air Opera - a Freebie in the City

While we are busy refurbishing our&your holiday apartment we think it's time to inform you what happens on this blog.

It's not only the birthstory of our venture that we want to report, but an info board that should help you getting familiarized with Vienna, its culture, its history, its people, its food, its climate.
It should help you to make a decision, what to focus on, when visiting Vienna.

There are hundreds of reasons why to visit Vienna and we try to show you around, keep you posted and informed. Never forget: we are locals, so we know what goes and what doesn't.
We'd like to lead you off the beaten track, to experience Vienna the local way.

And we want to show you around with non touristy pictures.


If you are lucky enough to visit Vienna in May or June you definitely have to spend one evening under the open air and enjoy a live performance of the State Opera - on a videoscreen in front of the Opera.
The thing is: it's free!

So watch out for these dates:

May 3                  Carmen - Bizet                        
May 6                  Carmen - Bizet
May 9                  Carmen - Bizet
May 18                Manon - Massenets
May 21                Manon - Massenets
May 22                L'Italiana in Algeri - Rossini
May 25                L'Italiana in Algeri - Rossini
May 28                L'Italiana in Algeri - Rossini

June 6                  Lohnengrin - Wagner
June 8                  Madame Buttlerfly - Puccini
June 11                Madame Buttlerfly - Puccini
June 16                Tannhaeuser - Wagner
June 20                Tannhaeuser - Wagner
June 27                Tannhaeuser - Wagner
June 30                Parsifal - Wagner

And the best about it:  when fatigue kicks in ..... just walk away