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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rain kicks in ....

After some lovely 10 days of autumn sun finally the Herbst is here. According to the calender he is late for some days, but we do not mind.
The temperatures were still quite nice, in some parts even hot! But the nights tend to get chilly already. And from today on it looks as of we have to take out the jackets and pullovers and boots. The traditional clothes change starts!

After some stormy days lots of leaves cover the streets. We all have to prepare for the change: fog in the morning, clouds and rain during day and chilly nights.

But never mind: the big autumn storms are yet to come, so you still can enjoy lovely walks in the woods or parks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Before - After

Today I have to make a posting to ease myself, to calm down. Since days and hours already I keep the mantra saying: keep cool and carry on.

But I carried on already weeks and now: enough is enough. That's the last straw.
What I'm talking about?
Builders!!! Did you ever experience builders on time? Mine has the oddest excusions and keeps me waiting and waiting ..... but the thing is: he is so gooooood AND has a gooood price.
Somehow I feel blackmailed.

But on the other hand, if the builders are finished and the work is done, isn't that the best feeling apart from ...... well, it's your choice!

So let me show you the before/after pics of bluedanube apartments:

The previous kitchen has become the master bedroom
The previous bedroom has become the living room
and finally we transferred the old bathroom into a friendly
and immaculate clean showerroom

That's what builders are for, but until you get there ........ OMG what a hell!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Museums Night - Oct 2nd 2010

This is the ultimative event for museum lovers!

On 2nd of October 2010, a Saturday, 105 Museums in Vienna open their doors from 6pm until 1am.
Go and grab a ticket for only 13 EUR!!
With this ticket you cannot only access all those museums but also can use the public transport in Vienna unlimited within the opening period of the Museums Night.

There is an INFO point called "Treffpunkt Museum" on the Heldenplatz, where you get additional info and tickets. It is open on Thu 30th of Sept from 2-6pm, on Fri 1st of Oct from 10am to 6pm and on Sat 2nd of Oct from 9am onwards.

You'll find a list of all museums that are open in that night:

And if your quick, maybe you''ll still can make a booking in our bluedanube apartments, the perfect location for the Museums Night, as we are only 3 u-bahn stations or 6min away from Stephensplatz, from where you can easily access the Heldenplatz walking through the very heart of Vienna.

Have a good night at the Museums - and watch our for spooky things!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall mood kicks in

Mid of September Autumn makes it's way - definitely. The last days of hot sun are over. Fall mood kicks in. In the alpine villages the sun fades away quite quickly already and brings in the evening quite early.

But in Vienna live's still hot and has much to offer. Here it's more of a good news, that days start to shorten, the light becomes yellowish and the air fresher. The trees get the nicest colours of the year and the children love collecting the chestnuts.

It's the perfect time to visit Vienna and to stay at bluedanube apartments. You only have  minutes to the Prater where you'll find loads of chestnuts and the colourful trees. Go out and explore! You easily can rent a city bike and make your way through town or Prater - whatever you prefer. There are three bike terminals around bluedanube apartments all accessible within 3min of walk. If you are a good planner, you can go for free with the bikes all the day! Just change the bike every 45 min - an easy task, as all over the town there are terminals and you definitely want to stop for picture taking, shopping or food! For more information log on to

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Sturmzeit!

Autumn is in town - come and visit us!
Now is the best time to drink Sturm. This is the young wanna-be wine.
Not yet wine, but not anymore grapejuice - a sweet, delicious, but highly dangerous drink!
Never forget: it has 45g remaining sugar per litre plus the beginning of alcohol.
That's healthy on one hand, no chemicals! But it's also not yet filtred, therefore a good Sturm will provide a good body purification - if you know what I mean!
But hurry up - Sturm is availabe some few weeks only

Thursday, September 9, 2010


The thing is:
Vienna has the World's highest "Karussel"
This 117m high wannabe-roundabout carries 24 people, a ride lasts approx 4 minutes and costs 4 EUR

Preferable you take a ride "before" you go for a Stelze and a Kr├╝gl to the opposite Schweitzerhaus.
Otherwise the 60kmh ride will have unexpected outcomes!
But this is another story for the next post!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Morning Vienna!

Saturday Morning in Vienna! Last Holiday Weekend for the "Wiener", as school starts on coming Monday!
The hustle and buzzle is back to town. But it wouldn't be for Vienna if there are not places, where you could start off this Saturday in a relaxing, typial Viennese way: go for breakfast or brunch in one of the top 10 locations according to the Kurier, one of Austrians leading tabloids. You don't mind, if I add my comments!

Here they are:

Nr 10: - 9th district
well do we really need a pub for our "Morgensemmerl"?

Nr 9: - 1st district
tradition has it, that this was/is the top place for gourmet shopping - it has a touch Harrods food hall - but definitely only a touch!

Nr 8: Hotel Herrenhof - 1st district
ok, if you want to start your day off in a posh hotel group, this is a nice way and well located

Nr 7: - 6th district
this would be one of my favourites, especially on a Saturday. After strolling aroud the Naschmarkt, bargain hunting or "Sauerkraut" shopping, pop into the deli or even better to the Neni (

Nr 6: - 6th district
a high-street bar, trendy, busy, the new-generation Vienna? I'd better go for tradition!

Nr 5: - 1st district
yes, this is it, preferrable on a sunny morning. location, history, view ... food - all in one!

Nr 4: - 19th district
a bit off the beaten track for Vienna visitors, who are normally not located in that part of Vienna. But definitely worth a try, maybe if you visit some posh friend over there in the 19th district. Or if you are still in the area after a night at a "Heurigen"

Nr. 3: - 1st district
Finally we are here! This is my favourite for every occasion, every day, every time. THE place to enjoy one of the many different coffees while being a celeb-spy

Nr 2: - 1st district
oh yes, what a place! location, location! THE teahouse and this in the neighbourhood of Mozart's home and in one of the most history loaded areas of Vienna. Definitely a MUST

Nr 1: - 1st district
you may know it already - I'd better keep with tradition. New in town with an interesting concept, hip, perky, creative menu - why not?