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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good Morning Vienna!

Saturday Morning in Vienna! Last Holiday Weekend for the "Wiener", as school starts on coming Monday!
The hustle and buzzle is back to town. But it wouldn't be for Vienna if there are not places, where you could start off this Saturday in a relaxing, typial Viennese way: go for breakfast or brunch in one of the top 10 locations according to the Kurier, one of Austrians leading tabloids. You don't mind, if I add my comments!

Here they are:

Nr 10: - 9th district
well do we really need a pub for our "Morgensemmerl"?

Nr 9: - 1st district
tradition has it, that this was/is the top place for gourmet shopping - it has a touch Harrods food hall - but definitely only a touch!

Nr 8: Hotel Herrenhof - 1st district
ok, if you want to start your day off in a posh hotel group, this is a nice way and well located

Nr 7: - 6th district
this would be one of my favourites, especially on a Saturday. After strolling aroud the Naschmarkt, bargain hunting or "Sauerkraut" shopping, pop into the deli or even better to the Neni (

Nr 6: - 6th district
a high-street bar, trendy, busy, the new-generation Vienna? I'd better go for tradition!

Nr 5: - 1st district
yes, this is it, preferrable on a sunny morning. location, history, view ... food - all in one!

Nr 4: - 19th district
a bit off the beaten track for Vienna visitors, who are normally not located in that part of Vienna. But definitely worth a try, maybe if you visit some posh friend over there in the 19th district. Or if you are still in the area after a night at a "Heurigen"

Nr. 3: - 1st district
Finally we are here! This is my favourite for every occasion, every day, every time. THE place to enjoy one of the many different coffees while being a celeb-spy

Nr 2: - 1st district
oh yes, what a place! location, location! THE teahouse and this in the neighbourhood of Mozart's home and in one of the most history loaded areas of Vienna. Definitely a MUST

Nr 1: - 1st district
you may know it already - I'd better keep with tradition. New in town with an interesting concept, hip, perky, creative menu - why not?

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