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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fu Hu, our little Panda, in Schoenbrunn Zoo

The Fu Hu Diary is worth looking at, but even more his clumsy and giggly moves in his home at Schoenbrunn Zoo.

Did you know, that this is the oldest zoo of the world?

1569 the former Katterburg was bought by emperor Maximillian II including a vast hunting area.
73 years later, well let's say one generation later, Schoenbrunn was born on these grounds.
And again one generation later, 1752, a big celebration takes place in the menagerie of Schoenbrunn Palace.
The 31st of July 1752 is the birthday of the Schoenbrunn Zoo.
It's a must, when visiting Vienna and as the sun's out again, you`'ll definitely enjoy a stroll around this history filled park.

Enjoy, relax and just feel happy watching this wonderful animal kingdom!

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