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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Donauinselfest - the biggest open-air festival of Europe

June 24th - 26th - Friday to Sunday
3 days nonstop music, action, fun'n'food'n'drink
A-Must-See-Event when in Vienna

up to 3 million visitors (estimated)
10 stages
4,5km partyzone
2000 musicians
600 hrs programm in 3 days
5 police-stations
40 caravans
150 tents
5 meeting points
7.500 m barrier tape
50 km cables
290 mobile toilets

Here you'll find you personal 3days-program.
Whether is a sports activity, a creative or fun activity, whether for children, teens, students, grown-ups or oldies, a music event or a comedian, a pop, rock, country or folk(sy) music - give it a go and search your fav spot!

Our recommendations for the 28th Danube Island Music Festival:

- take a picnic rug with you
- wander around and stop wherever you feel good
- carry some water with you, as you may expect long queues in front of the
  food stalls
- don't forget the suncream, when visiting during the day
- don't use your bicycle late afternoon and night as the crowd won't allow
  moving anymore
- leave your dog at home unless it loves crowds and can tolerate rotten food
  from the ground
- use public transport only - U1 Stop Donauinsel
- have your mobile with you, switched on and be alert, in case you get lost
  from your friends or family
- don't carry any valuables with you - the party is very safe, but still: it's a
  huge crowd!!!!
- don't carry any alcohol with you - it's strictly forbidden! 

Here is the line-up for the 3-days!


3.30pm THE LEGENDARY DALTONS: Country & Western - Insel (16)

6.15pm JAMES COTTRIALL: Fest - Insel (6)

8.25pm SIDO: Fest - Insel (6)

8.45pm Vanilla Sky: Rock - Insel (11)

11.00pm Söhne Mannheims: Fest - Insel (6)

4.00pm CRIPPLE CREEK BAND: Country & Western - Insel (16)

6.00pm Umberto Tozzi: Fest - Insel (6)

7.30pm Nits: Fest - Insel (6)

8.45pm Peter Cornelius & Band: Fest - Insel (6)

9.10pm Die Paldauer: Schlager & Volksmusik - Insel (10)

10pm Europe: Fest - Insel (6)


8.40pm MILOW: Fest - Insel (6)

9.00pm PULS 4 - Insel (12)

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