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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post Nr 100 - let's celebrate!

This is our 100th post!

It is quite a challenge to report daily about our home town!
Although we try hard, it's not as easy as it was when living abroad, where every little sign felt fit for a report.
But we try our very best to prepare you for your stay in Vienna or to keep you updated only.

We are in search for all kind of topics, may it be funny happenings, events, traditions and weird signs ..... sometimes it takes longer, as still there is a main job we are running after and our blogging is just a spare time challenge!

Please have patience!

Finally we've decided to make ourselves a little present and opted for climate change in Vienna!

Our apartment Prater is equipped with a wonderful Air Condition since yesterday - kind of indulgence in Vienna, but definitely a very welcomed comfort for our guests!


  1. Oh, congrats on your 100th post! Hehe! Anyway, the airconditioning systems you installed can probably boost your tourism rate, too. Good thing you thought about dealing with climate change. Are your A/C units eco-friendly, btw?

    Dell Ledermann

  2. Hi Dell, thanks for your comment. Well, our guests are thankful for the A/C. To do our part for climate change means travelling public in Vienna!

  3. The installation of AC unit will surely affect with the business. I can see clearly that more and more tenants will lodge in your apartments. It’s amazing that a couple of well-functioning air conditioning units will change everything. I’m wishing you the best of luck! Anyway, cheers for your 100 post!

    Naoki Dieter

  4. It’s great that your apartment is prepared for the hot weather! Well, in our house, we clean and maintain our AC two weeks before the summer, so that we are sure that it will work efficiently when we need cool air the most! ;)

    Lance Witts