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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Wurstsemmerl - Viennese Fast Food

We all know about the rise of Fast Food within the last couple of years. McDonalds or Burger King everywhere, Sandwiches from Eat or Pret-A-Manger in the UK, the Gyros or Kebab in Greece, Turkey and definitely Germany, the Bento Box in Japan, the Prego in Portugal, the Bocadillo from Spain .... sure there are loads of others, but don't forget the Wurstsemmerl in Vienna!

The Wurstsemmerl can  be rightly called as one of the delicacies of the world. Some also call it also Wurstsemmel, without the "r" before the "l". Then they try to be not Viennese, as the "r" is used only by the typical "Wiener".

To keep it simple: it is a roll, a Semmerl, unique in the world too, with some specific, thin machine-cut kind of meat, Wurst, called Extrawurst, made out of pork and loads of other unhealthy things. The luxurious version is if included thinly sliced Essiggurkerl, pickles.
OMG, how grabby I am about a Wurstsemmerl only writing this!

And now comes the main fact: this Wurstsemmerl is the best if you get it freshly and done in front of your eyes. At a butcher maybe or at the supermarket, department deli.

And rule no 1 ... you have to eat it immediately. As soon as you are on your way to somewhere and eat it only hours later, forget about it.
And rule no 2 ... doing it yourself at home will experience different taste. It's the freshness of the just cut through Semmerl and the thinly sliced Wurst that make the difference.
When you take a hearty bite, you'll hear the wonderful cracking noise and taste the fresh meat.

There is of course the possibility to make your choice: you can add cheese, salad, whatever .... but then the original is gone!

We recommend to buy it near bluedanube apartments at BILLA inside the station Praterstern, open 6am-10pm/7.

Try it - taste it - enjoy it!

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