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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Adventkalender

In Germany and Austria there is an old tradition: the Adventkalender.
Again it dates back to around 1851, when first a self-made Adventkalender was mentioned.

Already since weeks you will find kind of boxes in shops where upon typical scenery is printed.
Children will find such an Adventkalender somewhere in their home from tomorrow morning, the 1st of December.

The commercial ones are filled with better or cheaper chocolate. The type of chocolate which is used for bunnies and egg at Easter time. Now they are angels and demon... ups, no!

Every day from now on one "Fenster", window, can be opened and yet another day has passed on the way to Christmas!

Meanwhile this tradition has made it to other countries too. Whilst 5 years ago in the UK these Adventkalender were almost inexistent, you can buy them now at all the Asdas, Sainsburys and Tescos! Maybe even branded with Little Britain or X Factor - who nows?

Creative moms like me, with grown up children replace the chocolate ones and diversify this tradition.

Log on tomorrow to see how it looks like!

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