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Monday, November 8, 2010

Arts and Crafts at Vienna Christmas Markets - Spittelberg

The Christmas market at the Spittelberg in Vienna was an insider location many years ago, as it was not so crowded as other markets and offered different types of arts and crafts products. It seems to be the fate of insider locations that they do not stay that secret over time and sometimes become large events. Nowadays hundreds of thousands of visitors come here every year and their number is still increasing. But still, the initial approach of attracting both children and adults during the days before Christmas it kept its social character, supporting charity organizations. Children can find a lot of additional attractions like regular visits of Santa Claus, and the Nikolo (St. Niclas) also passes by on the 6th December. In a workshop children can assist the Christ Child preparing the gifts.
The craftwork sold here is very local, as the area itself is home to many arts and crafts shops throughout the year. More than 100 exhibitors are providing the perfect atmosphere for a nice and crisp winter evening in Vienna, before heading on to the many restaurants in the area. The market can be reached easily with the U2 and the U3.
Christmas market at the Spittelberg
16th November to 24th December
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