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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vienna Opera Ball ... and 150 Other Balls

Now, that we have successfully approached the carnival season and the christmas market season, Vienna prepares also for the ball season. As you see, Viennese people love to enjoy these chilly and quite depressing months of the year by dancing and drinking!

Combine a stylish gown with glamour, elegance, waltz and lots of champagne and indulge in society like the emperors, queens and kings did. Head out for a traditional ball in Vienna.

Meanwhile the season stretches from November to August. Business over tradition! Traditionally the ball season ends on "Faschingsdienstag" the day before "Aschermittwoch. In 2011 this will be the 8th and 9th March then.
"Faschingsdienstag" is the Mardi Gras in France or the Pancake-day in Britain. And the following day is the Ash Wednesday. But this is another story, we'll report on that later.

It is said, that there are approx 150 balls taking place in Vienna. But only a handful are the very traditional ones. It has become custom that groups of people started to organize a ball to party within their community. Let us have a look what kind of "newer" balls there are on offer:

Ball of the chimney sweepers
Ball of the police
Ball of Slovakia
Ball of the viennese butchers
Ball of the weightlifters
Russian Ball
Ball of Greece
Ball of viennese confectioners

Just to give you an idea.
And there are many high schools, dancing schools and universities organising balls for their students, friends and families.

The more traditional "waltz-parties" are the ones in beautiful venues, having a long history

31st Dec -  Kaiserball
Wr Hofburg   traditional, nice way to slip into the new year, grand location

14th Jan  -  Blumenball
Wr Rathaus   traditional, flowers wherever you look, nice location

20th Jan  -  Philharmonikerball
Musikverein  tradtional, beautiful location, if you can't make it to the new year's concert

22th Jan  -  Pharmacyball
Wr Hofburg  if you love to be surrounded by pills and drugs

29th Jan  -  Ă„rzteball
Wr Hofburg  if you are keen to dance with your GP

3rd  Feb  -  Immobilienball  
Wr Hofburg  if you are more into property

25th Feb  -  Kaffeesiederball
Wr Hofburg  nowhere else in the world you can find that many coffeehouse owners

7th Mar   -   Rudolfina Redoute
Wr Hofburg  if you love to cover your face with a mask

Enjoy good music, tiny space to dance and attractive people in even more attractive dresses.

The absolute star of the balls is the Vienna Opera Ball.
Taking place on 3rd of March 2011, as usual on the last Thursday of the Carnival Season, this ball started in 1935, but with its roots dating back to 1814.

It is the most well known ball all over the world and attracts almost 5000 visitors every year. "Expect glamour, elegance and timeless tradition" as it is said on the website. And never forget: it's the only ball taking place in the State Opera of Vienna, an indeed stunning location.

All balls are "opened" with a ceremony, where young couples enter in a Debutante Procession which finally mounts in a beautiful waltz with the traditional words: "Alles Walzer" - "All may waltz"
Don't miss these balls, there are so many, you certainly will find one while staying in Vienna.
If you don't have your dancing gown with you or your black suit, no worry, you can buy or rent it. Usually you should be able to purchase tickets for the balls even a few days before the event. Or you skip the "opening" and sneak in later. The only exception probably is the opera ball. You have to plan well ahead and try to get tickets long time before!

Why not save money on your stay Vienna: spend your days at bluedanube apartments and lavish your money like in royal times at one of the many balls!

You even can take a horse carriage from our apartment to one of the ball venues! Just an idea...

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