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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Faschingskrapfen - Vienna's answer to McDonalds Bagel

Hmmmmmm, can you smell it? Can you feel the delicious texture? And after the first bite the wonderful jam melts on your tongue!

This is a Faschingskrapfen!

And Faschingskrapfen belong to Vienna's Carneval like cucumber sandwiches to tea time!

This wonderfully sweety tastes that good, that you can't have only one. You'll get addicted to a second. Then you need a third, as "all good things come in three". And finally you will take a fourth, as it's festive season, so you're alowed to bottle in whatever you can.

So often they come already packed as 4 - easy to go.

You can buy them everywhere these days: in the bakery, in the supermarkets, in the coffee shops .... just beware of one thing: They must be absolutely fresh!

As soon as they get more than 2 hours fresh air - the taste is gone!

So ask for their date of birth, buy them, eat them - even on the road!

The history about them?
Ok, you know, there's always a good story - so here it is:

A Viennese "chef" of the king's court, named C├Ącilie Krapf, is said to have invented those fatty sweets.
She had her bakery in the Naglergasse in the 1st district.
This delicious sweet delicacy was served at the Congress of Vienna, you remember the G6 meeting, where they danced more than they disputed.
The lady in question, Mrs Krapf, nicknamed Cilli, created the "Krapfen" for one of the big balls in the Hofburg - those dough scoops, which have to be baked in oil and be filled with sweet apricot jam.

It is said that only in the year 1815 around 10 millions of Faschingskrapfen where eaten.
WOW! Can you imagine the number of calories!

Sorry, I have to go ..... and eat my Faschingskrapfen .... can't wait any longer

Ahhh, opposite the bluedanube apartment, at the supermarket chain HOFER, the Krapfen are delicious .... and come as 4!

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