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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mozart, Hunters & Vienna's christmas markets

When you're currently in Vienna you'll have 4 more days to enjoy the many christmas markets which are packed full of food stalls selling all kinds of delicious wintery goodness. 

Mulled wine may be the most traditional, but you'll definitely should try Jagatee (spell it: jagate) and Punsch.

Let's start with Jagatee - this one really will boost your al level. Its the ultimative austrian skiing drink, hot, and a mix of black tea and pure dark rum with a significant dash of red wine and Obstler (schnaps). Smell it and you'll get drunk!
And by the way: Jagertee is a licensed austrian product, only here to be called like that. Drink it in Germany and you have to call for Huetten- or Foerstertee.
And don't forget Jagatee translated means Hunter's tea! And the hunter in Germany is the foerster! Got it?

Punch is quite famous in Britain too, we all know. So how did it make it's way to Austria?
Easy peasy with a pop star of course! But a star of the 17th century: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

It is said, that punch was brought from India to Britain, quickly became very fashionable and Mozart encountered this drink on his travels in England.
No question he was delighted to show off the recipe, when he returned to Vienna.

The word Punsch seems to derive from the indoeuropean "fuenf" (in english five). 5 spices were said to be necessary for a punch: Ingwer, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves and fennel. The same we need to activate our chakras!

The word Pinsch is also familiar with Punsch, but Pinsch in Vienna means getting a 5 in school, according to our school system the fail grade!

Ok guys, that's enough now, come on and let's head to the next christmas market, enjoy the buzz, the smell and the delicious drinks, not to forget the yummy food!
And if you don't find your way home afterwards, there are enough carriages who'll take you home to bluedanubeapartments, where you can rest in comfort and style!

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