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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bermuda in Vienna?

Photo: KF/wikimedia

Did you know that we have a Bermuda Triangle here in Vienna?
Well, don't be afraid to get lost, you may only get drunk.

The Bermuda Triangle is situated in Vienna's oldest part of town between Schwedenplatz and Morzinplatz and near Rotentumstrasse. You can easily acces it by U-Bahn Station Schwedenplatz with the lines U1 and U4.

To be more precise you will find a bunch of unique bars, restaurants and clubs between Rabensteig, Seitenstettengasse and Judengasse and up to Ruprechtsplatz. By the way, there you'll find the Ruprechtskirche, one of the oldest churches in Vienna.

The building in Seitenstellengasse 4 is home to an israelic temple, therefore do not be surprised to find police wandering around.

The founder of the Bermuda Triangle was the Restaurant Krah Krah, it's name simulating the sound of a crow. It was in 1980 that Sepp Fischer invented a beer bar, today seen everywhere. Guests come from everywhere to taste one of the 60 beers, you even can try the Kulmbach Kuminator, the strongest beer of the world.

Other bars in Bermuda are:  Stehachterl, Bermudabräu, Casablance, Gnadenlos, Slammer, Kaktus, Kuchldragoner, Mojo, Morgans & Vulcania.

So get out, book your place, enjoy sitting al-fresco in summer and endulge in Vienna's traditional food.

Photo: Krah Krah

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