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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Leberkas Semmerl please! Fast Food with Tradition!

Some months ago we did talk about the Wurstsemmel - one of the most traditional fast food in Vienna.
But there are several other mouthwatering, savoury and unique tasty delicacies.

Let's try the Leberkas.
Sometimes also Leberkäs or Leberkäse. In Bavaria you'll find people calling it Fleischkäse.
It's not original Viennese, but it is a Viennese traditional Fast-Food though.
 If you translate it word by word: "Leber" means liver and "kas" or "käs" or "käse" meaning cheese.
Ok then, but it has definitely nothing to do with liver and cheese.

This kind of sausage was invented around 1776, not in Austria but in Germany. The name probably derives from the old German: LAB for clotting and QUAS for feast.
But only probably, because there is another saying too:
KAS means in bavarian german some kind of bulky, compact material, in good old Viennese wording "Gatsch"
So, make your choice!

Anyway it makes sense, as the mix of minced pork and beef will be baken in the oven in a rectangular baking-tin.

There are various types: my favourite, whenever I ever eat it, is Käseleberkäs! This one indeed has cheese in it! Kind of confusing, innit?

How you eat it?
Where you get it?

I recommend to try it as a filling in a good crispy "Semmerl" and the best place to order it is at one of Vienna's typical "Wuerstelstand" which will lead me to my next posting, for sure!

Just a final warning:

1. eat it hot!
2. don't eat it in public transport as it has a strong smell!

And beware! The little snack has approx 650 calories!

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