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Monday, May 2, 2011

Vienna's High Quality Water

Vienna is well-known for its outstanding water quality.
Our water is of alpine origin coming directly from the springs of the mountains into the taps of Vienna.

The two Viennese spring water pipelines bring the water from highly protected source areas in the alps directly to Vienna, without any mechanical assistance and travelling altogether around 330 km. As the origin of the water in the Alps is far far away from civilisation, it is of excellent quality and ready for drinking from the tap.
Already the Romans recognized the opportunity of supplying Vienna with first class water from the surrounding sources, and built the first water pipelines for Vienna.
In 1873 the first of the two spring water pipelines was established, and as a sign of the water wealth the high jet fountain at the Schwarzenberg Palace in the centre of Vienna was built.

The opening of the second pipeline followed in 1910.

The water travels the way from the source to the tap in around 16 hours. Today 97% of all water consumed in Vienna is coming from the two spring water pipelines. Within Vienna the water is distributed via a pipeline network with a total lenght of over 3,300km. Viennas daily consumption averages at approx. 400,000 cubic metres water.

Go to the tap and enjoy our excellent water - what a wonderful liquid treasure we have!

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