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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yummy Time - Meet the Jamie Olivers and Gordon Ramsays of Austria

Greedy for food?
Fancy some local delicious dishes?

No need to wait, no need to visit a posh restaurant!

Just visit Vienna's Stadtpark
on Friday, Saturday or Sunday,
6th to 8th May
and meet 'n' greet Austrians top chefs!

Free of charge!

At the stunning Gourmet Festival or Food Festival, to put it more international, you can experience Austrian cooking expertice.

We do have an equivalent to the internationally beloved Gordon Ramsay with it's famous F-Word: the Austrian TV chefs Alex and Andi are loved because of their slang and wit during cooking.
Jamie Oliver, though, famous for being the Naked Chef, is difficult to be compared.

In general Austrian chefs are too earnest, so serious, not a lot of them take it as easy as Jamie. But that's our culture. Unfortunately Austria does not live the british rule: The importance of not being earnest!

But Austrian Chefs do deliver excellent quality, nonetheless or perhaps precisely because of it. Think of Wolfgang Puck in Los Angeles!

Enjoy the chef's passion for food and pop into Stadtpark!
Meet Reinhard Gerer, Wini Brugger, Toni Mörwald and Christian Domschitz, to name just a few!

And do come hungry as a hunter! Eat as much you can. Rest on the green.

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