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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Top 25 destinations of the world 1+

According to Tripadvisor these are the Top 25 of the most wanted destinations ... worldwide.
Let's see where we have been ... and you?

1. Cape Town - definitely, we must plan on this
2. Sydney -  if only it were not down under, for that trip we'd need weeks
3. Macchu Picchu - a must-do, only we should hurry, before getting too old  
4. Paris - done, many years ago, nice, and french...
5. Rio de Janeiro - far far away, but at least we know the language!
6. New York City - done, again many yrs ago, revisit for sure!
7. Rome - done at christmas time, wonderful and stunning
8. London - done, lived there for 5 yrs, best time of our life!
9. Barcelona - done, nice but nr 9????
10. Hong Kong - done, in the 90ies, will revisit this year!
11. Kyoto - well, japan is a different story
12. Queenstown - definitely, but when to find the time for that?
13. Jerusalem - so near and thus so far, but we'll plan on this
14. Siem Riep - maybe next time in mix with thailand?
15. Prague - done, when it still had the "old" culture
16. Venice - done, in summer, in winter - always a treat
17. Buenos Aires - not sure about that, argentina yes
18. Ko Phi Phi Don - yes, would be nice to go there one
19. Honolulu - planned already several times, but never made it there
20. St. Petersburg - maybe later, think, it can wait
21. Florence - think, we should go there sooner than later
22. Grand Cayman - a bit off the beaten track
23. San Francisco - done, and I absolutely adored it
24. Petra - already on the "next"list
25. Las Vegas - done, yessss, you must have seen that!

Well, and what about Vienna?
In my opinion it should rank at least on nr 17. Or is it on place 26?


  1. The good part about going to Argentina is that you have a lot of neighbouring countries you can go to during your stay as you say. Chile, uruguay and Bolivia are the most interesting ones. In addition, the option of getting furnished apartments in buenos aires instead of hotels becomes more attractive as the time goes by since they offer much more services than hotels.
    I loved BA, it is my favourite city in the world!

  2. Julie, thanks for the comment! Planning to visit BA in 2012 or 13. Will definitely check the apartments.