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Monday, August 22, 2011

Vienna Streetfestival - August 27th

Once summer has come back to Vienna these days, it is a perfect match for another open air event in the streets of Vienna. Well, it is actually only one street, but a very special one. Ringstrasse, between the Opera and the City Hall will once more be the venue for our biggest outdoor dance floor. Hot weather and hot sounds can be expected from a number of local and international DJs and live performances.
The event is organised as a parade, starting at Vienna State Opera building at 2 pm, and dozens of music trucks can be expected to flood the area with music and party feeling. Of course, no traffic will disturb the party that day, it is pure pedestrian area.

At around 9pm the parade will come to an end, but this is only the time to start over with after-show parties at various locations all over the city.

So be there, it's going to be the one of the hottiest days this summer...

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